Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm back!

It's been a while since I've been on here. I haven't really been up to updating for a little bit simply because I felt i had very little to update on. However, i am going to begin changing that :)

Here is a little update on our lives lately:
As many of you may know, Kendall was deployed to Iraq in September 2010. He has now been there for about 5 months. Although it is really hard having him gone things like skype, facebook, and gmail chat have been amazing! I love getting to talk to Kendall. We talk daily, which is such a blessing (Many people don't get that luxury). Kendall's job in the Army required him to fix and work with communication items such as radios and computers. However, while he's in Iraq he basically just has to wait for things to break and then he can fix them. :) I love that he is not out in the midst of everything going on over there. It gives me just a little piece of mind!

Kendall got to take his R&R right before Christmas which was amazing to see him! He was home from Dec. 5-Dec. 21st. I loved the chance to get to spend the holidays and my birthday with him! :) These were taken while he was home:

I absolutely loved having him home! it was amazing to get to spend that time with my best friend again.

Since then I have started going back to school at heartland. I am trying to finish my degree there so that I can then transfer to an online program in August. This fall I decided (after hours of researching school programs) that i needed to change my degree from Art to something more general that I can do online. So i decided that I am going to be a Business major. Probably with a focus on business management. Although this has very little to do with my interest and love for art, it is a good major that is practical and useful in almost any field (even art) so I am definitely ready to take it on! As of right now I have As in all my classes and it's my goal to keep it that way.

I also started working at Bed Bath and Beyond again. I love working there. I love the people and the environment :) Plus it transfers to Texas when I move back there in August when he comes back, which will be wonderful!

Overall everything is going very smoothly lately. I am living at home and we are saving as much money as we possibly can over the next few years!

Thank you all for your love and support!
Have a great day!

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