Thursday, January 21, 2010

Figuring it all out

These last few days have been filled with trying to figure out how Kendall's AIT is going to work and when I will get to see him, where I'm going to live, what i'm going to do, how i'm going to afford it, etc... It's been pretty crazy! Here are all the new details I have regarding seeing Kendall:
- I know when he gets there he will be a phase 4. This means that he will not be allowed to leave base. However, he can get on-post passes so that he can go around base. During these times I will be allowed to come onto base and hang out a little and eat dinner with him.
- When he gets there he will have to do what is called detail. Basically they will give him tasks like cleaning and stuff to bide the time. This period could last up to a couple months because they are so backed up on classes. however, during this waiting time he can still phase up to a phase 5.
-During phase 5 Kendall will be allowed to get off-post passes! during this phase he will be allowed off base, probably just on the weekends, and have to be home by bed check/formation.
- The next phase he can get is 5+. I believe he can do this within 2 months or so. Once he is a 5+ he can get off-post passes for the entire weekend! That means he can leave after formation on Friday and he has to be back before formation on Sunday. That will be incredible!

I can not wait to actually be able to see him again! it's only 13 days away! I'm planning a trip next week to go down there to see some of the places i've been looking at renting. I'm really excited for it, but a little nervous!

Today I got two letters from my hubby! He send me his official picture!

It is really exciting to finally have this!!

I'll have to post more as I have more details about everything!

Have a great day!
Erica Gilliam

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